Welcome to 2021!

Let’s get you flying high and make this the year when your life really soars.

Speaking of which….

Have you ever watched a bee when it flies?

It’s hardly the most majestic thing in the world, is it?

Now, compare them to birds.

When you watch birds, they seem to soar gracefully through the air. Every flap of the wings takes them higher and they look so majestic.

But bees?

They just look a little drunk. And they almost seem like they’re stumbling from one flower to the next.


But the humble bee has a superpower that people don’t know about…

It can fly really high.

How high?

I’m talking higher than Mt. Everest high!

According to National Geographic, bees can stumble their way above 29,525 feet and keep going.

Now, why should you care how high a bee can fly?

I want you to think about the doubts that you might have about starting an Amazon or eCommerce business.

Maybe you’re worried you don’t have the tech skills. Or it won’t work for you. Or you’re scared of losing money.  Or you’re worried about picking the wrong product.

You want to fly high…

…but there’s something in your brain that keeps trying to stop you.

Whenever those thoughts come up, I want you to think of that busy little bee.

I want you to think about how it flaps its little wings so hard that it climbs above Everest and beyond.

Sure, it may not do it perfectly. But the bee can still do it because it has an innate ability that very few know about.

And so do you.

Inside you lives the ability to transform your life.

You have talents that nobody knows about yet. And I know that you have the determination needed to make your Amazon business fly higher than you ever thought possible.

All you need is a little help along the way.

If you’re going to unlock your superpower and fly high, you need to learn the fastest and cheapest way I know to launch new products.

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