This is Nick Carson.

Sadly, Nick suffers from a rare condition called auto brewery syndrome where his body turns carbohydrates into alcohol.

As a result, he gets blind drunk if he eats a slice of bread or cake.

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and you could never eat a slice of toast again without passing out drunk.

Or some other crazy condition that stopped you from doing the thing you love.

It can happen – God Forbid! – which is why you should never just let life pass you by.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day!

If you would love to travel more…spend more time with loved ones…and live your life to its fullest potential then this is for you.

My friend Sophie Howard has set up 166 new income streams – all just using her laptop from her lake-side home in the pristine Southern Alps of New Zealand.

And, when you discover the online business that made this possible…well, I think you’ll love it.

How a Mum of 2 setup 166 new income streams – from her lakeside home in an Alpine Village – New Workshop today

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