(Crazy Story) Man’s vs Wild Red Squirrel

by | Oct 8, 2021

Well this is kind of nuts!

For 8 years, Bill Fischer, from North Dakota, has been trying to stop a lil ol red squirrel from filling his car engine up with nuts.

But sadly he’s had no luck.

Every year, the squirrel stores his walnuts in Bill’s engine compartment – and the latest hoard was the biggest yet – a whopping 158kg.

He’s well set up for Winter!

Made me think of something though.

You see, unlike that squirrel though, as many as 3 out of 5 people don’t have any backup plan or savings if they find themselves in hard times.

They’re living paycheck to paycheck – just barely covering the bills.

The challenge for many of these folks… is they only have ‘1’ income stream – their job.

Hey I’ve been there – I started out as a Walmart Cashier! It was a grind, on my feet all day, for a pretty low hourly rate.

A mentor of mine says ‘1’ is the most dangerous number in business – because if it falls over what do you have?

We want to be working towards multiple streams of income for true financial security.

That’s why I want to invite you to a free on-demand workshop today, where I share how I’ve set up literally 1,000’s of online income sources.

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