Empowering Side Hustle: How LHS Transformed This Frugal Mom’s Life, Generating $9K and a Path to Financial Freedom

by | Apr 5, 2023

All right, a quick video um let’s see.

I have been looking for something to side hustle type of business for many years looking, searching. I have a full-time job which is great, but my husband has a job he hates so hoping to get a little bit more income in because we have teenagers that are expensive, so we needed something. 

So I have been looking, and all of a sudden on Facebook, you know when you start having those searches, then everything starts coming to you on Facebook. They start learning your algorithm, and I saw the Rachel phrase LHS and thought, “Oh, this looks cool.” 

So I actually wasn’t home the night that they were playing it, and I had my daughter tape it. So she showed a little interest as well, but anyway, I watched it, and I took a couple days, and I thought, “What the heck, I’m gonna do it.” and I’m not one to spend any money, very frugal, so it was tough for me, but I’m so happy I did it. That was in April of 2021 and my goal, I remember saying what my goal was out loud, and it was $800 a month, and so when I look back now on my last year, 2021, so it had been April through to December, on Amazon, I had $4,500, and the same on Etsy, so they came in about the same, and now in 2022, I’ve just been adding, adding, adding, adding more listings, I like Etsy better than Amazon.


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