Escaping the Rat Race: Sharla Ember’s Journey with LHS, Creating a Lasting Foundation for Financial Freedom and Continued Growth

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi! I’m Sharla Ember.

I signed up in LHS in June of 2021 my husband and I we were looking for uh something that we could do together and also something that would help to free us from the rat rat race and so we can travel around and just have some extra income that’s really what we were doing LHS for and it has turned in to being a great blessing for our family. 

It’s wonderful When Christmas Comes Around to know we’ve got this income that’s coming in that basically just takes care of it for us. We don’t have to worry anymore when this time period comes along and throughout the whole year we have extra income coming in so it’s just really been a beautiful experience I really feel like um it’s definitely worth the time and the effort that it takes to set up your business and set up a foundation that is really going to last and be there once you do the work it’s done it’s so wonderful um so I couldn’t really I couldn’t say enough um 

Good things about LHS, it’s very thorough. I love that um that they’re always putting out new information it’s just such a huge plethora of great information of how to do an online business you can just continue to grow continue to scale up it’s not like you learn it once and then you get it done and then that’s the ceiling there really is no ceiling there’s always new products always new things that you can do so this really just sets you up to have an incredible successful profitable business and I love it.


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