As the former CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer has a famously intense work ethic.

She was known to regularly put in 130-hour workweeks, which is a little crazy to me.

Still, it clearly worked for her as she ascended to the top role in a tech monolith.


However, Meyer also has a touch of the homebody about her.

And we can see that in her love of… cupcakes!

In fact, Meyer is so obsessed with cupcakes that she made it her personal mission to come up with the recipe for the perfect cupcake – and she did it!

How did she do that?

Meyer created an enormous spreadsheet containing the recipes for hundreds of different types of cupcakes.

Then, she experimented with the recipes, figuring out what worked and what didn’t, until she ended up with a cupcake that she was happy with.

It sounds a little obsessive, doesn’t it?

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