Finding Financial Stability with LHS: Cassandra’s Journey to Building a Successful E-Commerce Business

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hello! my name is Cassandra.
I live in Canada um I’ve been looking for an alternative income for a while just off and on and just casually but when LHS caught my eye I said this is for me I work 12-hour shifts Continental meaning I flip-flop back and forth from days and nights on like I work two days off two days work the weekend off two days work two days uh I’ll work three days actually the weekend anyway it it’s disorienting and

I’m at the age where I’m nearing retirement so I need to get my body back on schedule my finances in order and another big blow is my husband died earlier in the year so I’ve got all of that to deal with LHS gave me is giving me exactly what I need uh it’s well it’s straightforward the training is there I don’t need to learn all these uh funnels and all all the marketing stuff I just need to make the mugs or make the product and away I go list it and the magic will happen so far well as I said earlier I have lots of stuff going on and I’m just working as I can and when I can and making steady progress so I’m enjoying it and think this is just great I’m in it for the long haul and I think the couches I think Rachel I think everyone that’s in the system.

Merry Christmas! It is Christmas, all the best.


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