Finding the Perfect Fit: Indi’s Journey with LHS, Overcoming Challenges, and Unlocking Potential in E-Commerce for Extra Income

by | Mar 17, 2023

My name’s Indi and I joined LHS in August 2022 and I joined because my husband and I we have an e-commerce business. He also works full-time nine to five and we were looking for additional streams of income basically so this seemed like really suited to me because I actually love novelty things and things like funny slogans and stuff on things like mugs and I also really love design work so yeah it seemed like a really perfect fit. Obviously, I haven’t worked on it full time since then and I’ve also had things like code and other personal stuff come up as well as all the usual challenges of being on Etsy and Amazon so yeah

There’s been a lot of hurdles but it’s been really worth it especially when I did have covered for you know a week or two and that’s when all the sales came through so it was actually a box of the FBA bugs that was part of a bonus of LHS that sold the whole thing within a week so that’s 36 mugs and on top of that I had following that print-on-demand orders for the same mug and that was over 10 now as well and this is considering they were my only designs on Amazon so yeah I just think if I cut it down and spent more time dedicated more time to that. The results that I would say could really make this a good extra income source and yeah once you

I see this as a growing point of like it’s not necessarily at the moment about making profit but just learning the systems and how it all works because at the start you know that can be a lot and that’s hence why I haven’t gone for volume and I’ve just been trying to figure out with minimal designs and that’s worked for me and then there’s others that just put hundreds and hundreds up straight away and so yeah it’s really good when you find what works for you and the support of all the coaches and Q & A sessions have been amazing as well as knowing there’s the Facebook group whenever you want extra opinions on something so yeah I appreciate the LHS and Rachel for doing this and can’t wait to see what next year brings.


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