From Basic Designs to Multiple Sales a Day: How LHS Helped Me Build a Successful Home-Based Business as a Homeschool Mom of Three

by | Mar 16, 2023

Hello! My name is Elise uh and I originally signed up for LHS because I am a homeschool mom of three uh and just looking for additional streams of income to be able to do from home.

I have owned and operated several other businesses and have some experience in graphic design uh and so when I learned about the LHS model I thought Wow! like that sounds like something anyone could do but perhaps uh you know I have a little bit of knowledge in in how to do this and some design work and just jumped in and went for it I have been a member I originally joined back in June, July of 2022 um and I originally got started with tons of basic designs uh some of them started to sell uh and then I started to scale up my business a little bit more and add designs to different types of products and just try to improve my design work a little bit more and currently in the fourth quarter I am experiencing definitely an average of at least a sale a day but it seems to be going up to multiple sales a day and so for my best day I think I have had uh eight or nine sales some of them big bulk orders um with you know $250 Plus orders that’s been really really encouraging uh and I’ve just thought that this process overall like if you’re, if you’re committed and you’re willing to do the work um and figure some stuff out and sometimes it gets a little bit frustrating but feeling like you’re drinking from a fire hose but just work through it and get it done it is amazing uh just the opportunity that there is on Amazon and Etsy to be able to have these orders come in and have the benefits of that and so I’m really excited to see where this can go and grow.


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