From Home Bakery Business to E-commerce Success: Larisa’s Low Hanging System Journey

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hey there! My name is Larisa Crawley and I’m from Louisville Kentucky.

I’m a mom of one nine-year-old boy and I’ve been married for nearly 17 years. I also own my own registered home bakery business and have been very successful with that and I came across the low hanging system I joined because I wanted to add an additional stream of income for my family so that we could pay off some debts that we incurred during coven and I just started this week and I’m really excited. 

But a few things that I already love about the low hanging system is the overwhelming support from literally everyone the second that you begin um the excellent training and super duper easy to follow step-by-step instructions even so far as to how to log in and how to use all the resources properly and the focus on owning your own business and the success mindset that goes with that. 

I’m really excited to begin this journey and I can’t wait to come back and make another video telling everyone about how successful my e-commerce business is going and that I’ve been able to reach my goals.


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