From Struggles to Success: How I Made $10K Revenue in My First Year with the Low Hanging System

by | Apr 5, 2023

Hi, everyone, I joined the low hanging system in October 2020. And before that, I tried Amazon FBA private label. And the trouble with that system was sourcing a product to be fair, I spent many hours trying to work out a way to, you know, to analyze the competition and the demand of a product. But it was just a lot of things that were just making me feel like I can’t choose a product and be confident with it, because obviously, I have to buy the stock up front and everything. So what I decided to do after many hours is I ended up opening my mind to other things. So I tried affiliate marketing after that. But again, again, I spent many hours and it was it was it was good, I learned a lot from it.

But the problem is, again, it’s more to do with the expenses, I had to pay a monthly fee. To have an email list. It was $90. It’s a lot of money. And, and also, then this ads called solo ads. Also, were not cheap, to try and get traffic to my landing page to get people into my offer, which is what I was trying to earn money for from commission. So again, I wasn’t that successful at the time, obviously, if I kept trying, maybe I would have done. But in the background, I saw the adverts for the low hanging system. And I’m just thinking myself, this just seems so fun and interesting way to to, to actually start an online business. And it seemed like there wasn’t actually overheads, apart from the Amazon pro fee and 20 cents per listing on Etsy. Really, there isn’t that much more to pay to be fair, and it seems very affordable. 

You may want to, you know, subscribe to cheap, fairly cheap anyway, might want to subscribe to some tools to help you along a couple of tools, a design tool as well. You know, there’s that. But apart from that I love I laughed at my family. And I saved you know what, no matter what, I’d never go bankrupt with this system, never go bankrupt, there’s just it’s unless you’ve only got 10 cents to your name, that’s probably gonna be impossible to go bankrupt. Obviously, you have to pay for the system itself. And yeah, you got to think about it this way. When you start a business, there’s always gonna be startup costs. And there if you are going to have a brick and mortar store, your startup costs are gonna be a hell of a lot higher than this to purchase the training of the price that is is a steal, in my opinion. Because you like you can make passive income on this system. Without you know, you can beat you can make it in your sleep, when you eat your dinner. You’re enjoying crit, you know, the build up to Christmas while you’re buying Christmas presents for your family and friends. So you can really you can but you will do has to put the time into it. That’s the thing, it’s not one of these things where you can set up and then you can leave, right you know, you just leave and it will just generate itself, you do have to put the time and the effort into it. I’ve done a lot of hours, building up my building up what I’ve got so far in my business, and I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved. And I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for Rachel in her low hanging system. And I just want you to take a look at this. 

My best 30 days in was in December, obviously this year, sorry, 2021 and $2,065 of revenue I made. You can see this 372% year on year growth. So that’s a good percentage of growth from last year now I only just started off in October 2020. But obviously that shows that the the effort then and the work I did during that year has really really paid off for me. I’m 120 orders, I mean incredible. I mean they were rolling in between Etsy and Amazon because I’ve also got an Amazon account as well, selling on there. You know, I was I was getting 10 to 11,12, 12 orders a day during this period. And it’s incredible and appreciate obviously Christmas is going to be the busiest period you know of the year Q4.

But it but what you if you were viewing this in January, February time or you know, even March or whatever you have got plenty of time to learn the system to prepare for a crisp impending Christmas, which is where you will see the best results and you’ll see where your work is taking you. You know, I have spent hours of work doing this, but it really is paying off and it’s incredible to see the sales rolling in and yeah, it’s it’s stunning is is really is incredible check on Amazon 131 units ordered my best 30 days over in December 13, 156% year on year growth. I mean, that’s incredible growth. I mean, Amazon takes a little bit longer to get momentum but what it does it does it’s like a freight train it does it does build up and I’ve got obviously got FBA mugs Fulfilled by Amazon mugs which are already pre printed and put into there as well that sells because it’s like two or three days for delivery. So people favor that sometimes but I did sell lots and lots of print on demand sales as well. 

So it’s not just FBA, everything sells at Christmas is incredible. I mean, I’m humbled by that and look at the revenue 2565. So both together is is four and a half thousand dollars in in revenue over the 30 day period and doesn’t include postage, Etsy, everything I have my listings has posted so you could you can add that on top of it, which is five to $6 a time. So add that on the revenue so really, it’s actually more than that. It’s probably more like $6,000 worth of revenue. So that’s incredible. And on my Etsy shop 267 sales so far, five star rating. And look yesterday only yesterday, I had two five star reviews come in and and now I’ve got this on my Etsy shop buyers are raving this shop got multiple five star reviews in the past seven days. How unbelievable is that? I wouldn’t have thought that I would get that. I mean, I see other people’s shops, oh well I hope to get that. And look and here I am I’ve got that incredible. And then I’ve got 21 reviews so far. And great quality would buy again. Exactly as described; fast shipping, quality product, perfect, arrived quickly and very safely packaged. Love it. I mean, the mugs that mainly mugs, which I’ve sold, the product is quality anyway, I mean, what I’ve got so far is just absolutely incredible, as you can see. 

So lastly is just have a look at the my old time on Etsy is $4,494 of revenue between October 2020 to December 2021 and with Amazon 296 units sold and $5,536 worth of revenue. So that’s 10k of revenue if you include the postage fees, that was that not included in the revenue shown on the the apps here. So yeah, I just wanted to massively big up the Facebook group. I mean, I’ve asked so many questions in there. It’s unbelievable. If it wasn’t for the support in the Facebook group. I don’t know, what would what I would do. And I would really recommend that you you you have a support group for whatever you do, because it is so essential and really worthwhile having so just do it. 

Now my results are not not not the best. I mean, there’s people that have started in August 2021. And I’ve had a better Christmas and I have I mean, only on Etsy as well. So, you know, everyone is obviously I mean, that result is probably more of a minority of people get that result. But that result is possible for everyone and it doesn’t matter you can it can take it can take longer. 

So thank you to Rachel and the team, you know who you are. Everybody in the Facebook group that have helped me so far. My ultimate goal is to quit my job and do this solely this business and perhaps branch off to others. Also, as well as that, It’s not just mugs, you’ve got ornaments, also precious jewelry is just coming into the into the equation which will be very profitable. You could get $30 per per sale, because of the perceived value is pretty high on these things. So you’ve also got chances to scale up in this loan. 

Once you’ve got the actual basics down the coaching clinics. In fact, we’ll cover some of those the you know the new new products that might come in. There’s also, you’ll also get the opportunity of obviously getting more kind of add ons to what you already know. Because once you’ve got the basics down, once you’ve got the low hanging system down to a certain extent, you can then branch you can then find other, you can then have other courses that you know, if you want to, you don’t have to, that will also extend your ability to sell other things and give you a different angle as well.

So, it’s all it’s all worth looking at. So, I mean, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Rachel a low hanging system. So like I say, I know, you know who you all are. Thanks very much. You know, quitting my job is my ultimate goal and to get rid of this uniform, finished work about half an hour ago, and just make this testimonial, this testimonial video, just to show people that it really really can work for you. If you put faith in the system, it may take a while to get into profit and you might feel a little bit like it’s going to work and you can get disheartened. You can be just got to keep plugging away keep that mindset in your and your goals in the forefront of your mind and you’ll get there so, you know, don’t hesitate to to get started. Especially if you’re seeing it you know even you’ve seen it January, February of the year. Just get started on it because you’ve got loads of time. Your other holidays as well. Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, August seems to be a little spike in in sales as well. So just you can just be getting prepared for obviously the following Christmas, is the ultimate and I’m hoping I can like four times the amount I have this year.



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