Yoshiro Nakamatsu is the sort of guy who’s just full of ideas.

As I write this, he has over 3,300 patents for all sorts of products. He’s also the guy many people credit with coming up with the floppy disk.

(Some of our younger readers may not even know what a floppy disk is!…)

Anyway, a guy as creative as Nakamatsu needs a way to get his mind into the zone so that he can come up with ideas. And he has the perfect solution:

His “calm room”.

To be precise, Nakamatsu’s “calm room” is his bathroom…

Only, his bathroom is unlike any that you’ve ever been in before!

For one, it’s covered from top to bottom in 24-karat gold plating. Nakamatsu built himself a gold room to calm his mind in!

What’s more, the room doesn’t contain any nails.


According to Nakamatsu, “Nails reflect thinking”.

Now, I don’t know how true that is. I can’t say that seeing a nail has ever made it harder for me to think. But if it works for a guy who has 3,300 patents, then who am I to argue?

But honestly, “get rid of nails” is not what I want you to take away from this email.

Instead, it’s the concept of a “calm room”.

While Nakamatsu’s room may seem extravagant and a little pointless, the idea behind it is sound:

Find a peaceful place to enable your brain to do its best thinking!

When you’re surrounded by hustle and bustle, it’s hard for your brain to be creative. You’re surrounded by a bunch of things your brain is trying to focus on, which means it can’t explore new ideas or trains of thought.

A “calm room” slows you down…

It gives you a quiet space in which you can reflect and let your mind wander…

And the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on gold to create your “calm room”. Just find somewhere quiet and comfortable and you have the perfect conditions for creativity.

Hopefully, your “calm room” will help you to come up with some great ideas for your eCommerce business – and life in general!

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