Jennifer’s Journey: Balancing Full-Time Job, Family, and LHS – Growing with 10 Sales and 300 Listings on Etsy and Amazon, Embracing Creativity and Aiming for 2023 Success

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hey there! I’m Jennifer I joined LHS about mid-September. Up to this point, I’ve had about 10 sales, total about five on Etsy and five on Amazon, and made some minor revenue. Some of that was kind of my fault due to playing with ads and not following the instructions specifically, so I lost a little bit of money upfront there. But so far, I really enjoyed the creative process. I enjoy creating new things. I think I’ve got about 300 listings on each site, and I do see the potential and what could grow from here. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings.

I initially joined LHS because I was looking to add an additional stream of relatively passive income to our household. I already work full-time jobs, so anything I add needs to be a more passive thing because being a mom and a wife and a full-time worker on top of that is definitely enough. Rachel has put together a great program. It’s very detailed, the instructions are fantastic, and it really makes it easy to get something good going off the ground. Like I said earlier, I look forward to what 2023 has to bring for all of us.


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