Low Hanging System Success Story: Mark’s Journey from Beginner to Part-Time Seller with 350+ Items on Etsy and Amazon

by | Apr 4, 2023

Hey. Hello everyone. My name is Mark and just a quick video to talk about my experience with NHS. So I started NHS since August, beginning of August this year and so far I’m pleased with the training, I’m pleased with what I have learned, I’m pleased with the Facebook groups and all the help we get from that group. So far I have like 350 plus items on Etsy and Amazon. I only got one sale but I’m still on it. It’s like a part time job for me and I really like it because I’ve already been into design, web design, graphic design, application design so I’m pleased with the program.

I actually get to do what I like on a part time basis and I’m waiting the results on the long term basis. So just a quick video to thank all the team, to thank Rachel. Also Adam, for all your review from my store, I’m really really appreciate what the team does for the group. Also thank you to Elizabeth and all the team. So thank you so much.


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