Maximizing Profits with Print-On-Demand: My Experience with the Low Hanging System

by | Mar 16, 2023

Hi! My name is Dwight and I signed up for the low hanging system quite a while ago, several years probably.

I was already doing print on demand t-shirts with other platforms, and when I saw this, I thought mugs, and all the other things that they offer are a no-brainer, and so I watched the program and signed up. I like the automatic listing in Amazon and Etsy and eBay, although I have had a few issues with listing on Amazon, and some things come up incomplete, but I’ve had sales on all the platforms, so I would recommend the system.

The one thing I want to say is when I have had problems, I send an email to support, and they do respond quickly, and generally, there’s some issue on my end that I didn’t set up correctly. So, if you watch the videos, if you do the system, it’s not a great get rich quick scheme, but it’s a great program to do multiple types of items with print on demand, so you can do simple designs, do your research, and you can make some money using the low hanging system.

Rachel has a really good program, and I recommend it if you want to do print on demand, get started, and make a little bit of extra money, even just a little bit of money a month. It works great, so I don’t do it enough because I’m focused on so many different things, kind of have the squirrel complex, but I definitely need to get back into this and get more stuff listed because when it lists if it’s a good design, a good idea, good concept, good niche, it can sell really well.


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