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About Rachel Rofe - How I Went from Walmart Cashier to Daily Online Income

I remember my first day-job so clearly...

There I was at 16 years old standing around all day at Walmart doing 12 hour shifts.

My feet were killing me!

I felt exhausted. Plus, I only got paid about $10 or so per hour so I wasn’t getting ahead.

And, like most folks, I only got paid when I worked so all I was doing was “trading time for money”

Now, while I was grateful for the job, I also realised ‘there must be a better way’.

I tried some other internet marketing ideas - but very few of them were very consistent - it was ‘feast or famine’.

It wasn’t until I discovered the ‘Low Hanging System’ that everything changed me for me.

Now, I have virtually passive income coming each day from my products online.

This gives me the freedom to travel the world as I where I want...and most importantly take care of my little nephew Gabriel who I adore!

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