Perseverance Pays Off: Steve’s LHS Journey in South Korea, Celebrating Over 1,000 Sales and the Power of Community Support

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hello LHS family, this is Steve from South Korea.

I’ve been doing this LHS for almost two years. I started due to in part the covid pandemic hysteria and um just trying to find a sustainable income. In the past two years, I’ve been doing, I got my Amazon store has about 550 Sales Plus FBA 160 and my Etsy store just hit 300 so I’m pretty happy about that. The biggest was in the last two months thanks to Christmas, I got quite a lot of sales over Christmas so I’m pretty excited about that and so I just want to say thanks to Adam, thanks to Rachel, and everybody else at the LHS and custom happy thanks for all that they do to make the shipments go well and the shipments go out quickly and everything is shipping well. My reviews are quite High thanks to the good shipping and good quality mugs so I really appreciate everyone and the groups. I’ve had a lot of help over the year and a half or two years and so it’s been really great that I could always come to the group for help and I encourage everyone to keep keep doing it, keep sticking with it. Don’t give up if the first few months or if even the first year is not fast, you can do it all right so just don’t give up. Have a good year, have a good New Year, and God bless, bye.


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