Regrets, Passions, and Teaching Children: A Story of a 66-Year-Old’s Unconventional Life

by | Mar 16, 2023

All right, I don’t know how to make this short because I could talk for an hour and I won’t, especially if I even get on the string of messages, replies, comments from that wonderful offer that Rachel started at the beginning of December. It’s currently December 31st, and it’s like almost 8 P.M here where I am. There’s fireworks going off outside, and my dogs are in here like, you know, this is my house, it’s a mess, everything’s a mess. I spend most of my time, if I’m not working, helping him with his gardening. If I’m not working online for my job, I work about 65 to 70 hours a week. I don’t have time for this, but I have time to go out and I garden and I grow food in my yard and I teach local people how to do that. Also, I grow native plants in my front yard, and it looks pretty weird around here because I’m living in the suburbs of St Louis, Missouri.

Okay, so that’s a side thing. What I’m really here to tell you is that, in a long story short, I mean a really long story short, I made a regret. I have a regret from way back in my 20s. I had wanted to go to vet school, and I just, long story short, I purposely did something to screw up because I was a 70s hippie, and I just did something. Anyway, my point is I still wish I could have done that, but I can’t. I’m 66 years old. So, my other love of my life is talking and teaching to children. I do that now with a pig. Where’s my picture? This is her when she was littler. So when I’m hugging, and that’s about almost five.


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