Sheila’s LHS Journey: Discovering Fun and Relaxation While Preparing for Retirement After a 33-Year Career

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi! My name is Sheila and I have been with LHS since October of 2022. 

I have really been enjoying this program. I have been with my job for the past 33 years and I plan on retiring in a couple of years so I am looking for something to supplement my income and something fun that I could do to pass my time away. 

So, I was up late one night and I saw Rachel on Facebook and I listened to the presentation and everything and I was like hey that’s kind of cool but I was like no let me keep looking maybe that’s not for me then I saw her one more time and I passed the opportunity and then I said now if I see this lady one more time the third time is a charm and I did and I said okay we’re gonna do this so I definitely did. Now I’m happy that I did because I mentioned before my job is pretty stressful so this is so relaxing to me. I posted a message on the Facebook group regarding a sale that I made. I currently have made for sales and none of them have been from family members so I’m proud of that. 

One night, I was walking up to a ching. I’m so excited just thrilled so I decided to get out of bed. This is around maybe 4 a.m so I decided to get out of bed and start doing some research. While researching, I was laughing so loud that accidentally woke my husband up so he ran he jumped out of his bed ran into the living room and said baby are you okay is everything okay I was like oh oh baby I’m so sorry I’m just doing research and he just looked at me laughed and went back to bed so this is so much fun.

The coaching is excellent if you have any questions regarding anything you should be able to find them in the training but if you’re not able to find them in the training, you can go to the Facebook group which is great and you can also send an email to Rachel and the team and they will respond back to you fast. 

So I am enjoying this process. I want to thank Rachel and all the coaches and especially Rachel for giving me the opportunity after 33 years to actually start working for myself so thanks everyone and Merry Christmas to you all. Bye.


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