Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Lorna

by | Mar 1, 2023

I’m Lorna Blake, and I am super pumped to be here at the Launch 100 event in Vegas this 2022, baby. I was over having to do everything by myself and to figure it all out without enough support. And I know the benefit of coaching and I also know what it is to rub shoulders with high profile people like Rachel. One idea can change everything. So I wanted to be in a room with movers and shakers and powerhouse people like Rachel Rofe and her team. So Launch 100 is for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who recognize that they need support, that they cannot do this alone. They also recognize that one idea could change everything for them, and they could find themselves going from zero to six figures or beyond.

There are so many favorite parts to Launch 100. The idea of being able to network with powerhouses like Rachel Rofe, the intimacy of the event, the various different coaches. All of us have different people who can speak to us, and there’s so many different parts to it and so many people to relate to. And just, there’s a lot and there’s enough here for everybody. I feel that it’s an important event that every entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur should bring themselves to. I’m here and I didn’t just bring myself, I brought my niece, who is an upcoming entrepreneur to expose her to the ideas here. So a must have, and it’s an investment that we owe to ourselves if we want to get to that next level.


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