Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Sharon Shaw

by | May 4, 2022

Hey everyone, this is Sharon. I currently live in Canberra in Australia. I have sold on other platforms before the LHS system on Amazon but I wasn’t drop shipping so all print on demand so it was really expensive and yeah, I just run out of money because the sales weren’t really enough to kind of keep stocking up with what Amazon Warehouse has demanded. So this is a much better system for me, much less overhead.

But yeah, I love the LHS system so far and I joined back in November and I’m making on average a sale a day on either Etsy or Amazon so I’m pretty pleased with that. I’ve got about 350 different products up on Etsy and Amazon at this time. I haven’t really done a lot of tweaking with them so I’m quite pleased with the results. So yeah, so thanks for listening and sorry for all the arms, I know it is, it’s tired and it’s late here but I’ve just seen the post so I thought I’d jump on quickly and join the fun. Alright, have a good evening everyone. Bye from Australia.


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