Did you know that the most expensive item ever sold on Amazon was for a price of $2,904,980,000. + $3.99 shipping?


Brian Klug, a California software engineer noticed a Discovery Channel CD-ROM being offered for the eye-catching price.

And out of curiosity he placed the order.

It immediately set off alarms in Amazon headquarters – and the company contacted him to say that they understood it was a joke – and there was no problem canceling his order.

Amazon treated the customer like Gold and that’s one of the reasons it’s the biggest eCommerce store in the world right now.

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Super Bowl Winners & NBA players swear by Simple Success Secret…
I recently read an article where a mental coach for top athletes, including NFL and NBA players revealed one of his favorite success secrets.

The secret?

Focus on what you can control and change.

What happened in the past has already happened. But your success isn’t determined by your past.

It’s all about the present moment and what you do next.

You just missed a shot? The other team have the ball. Don’t beat up on yourself – that’s the past. What can you do now to move the play forward?

So the question is: Regardless, of what happened in your past…

Whats one thing can you do TODAY that will have the biggest effect on your life moving forward?


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