This guy is Jerome Kirviel.

He’s the poorest man in the world – perhaps in history.

Kirviel used to work as a share trader with a big investment bank. But he made some illegal trades, which lost a lot of money.

And he now owes his former employers more than $6.1 billion.

To put that in perspective – if he earned $1 million annual income, it would still take him more than 6,000 years to pay back his debt.

Hmmm….so you think you’ve got financial problems!

What’s interesting is that with his skill-set he’ll probably be able to rebuild his net worth surprisingly quickly.

And, that’s the good thing about a ‘high income skill’ – once you have it, nothing can take it away.

And, even if you lose everything you can bounce back fast.

A wise person once said:

‘Wealth is what you have when all your money is taken away’

That’s why today, I want to teach you a ‘high-income-skill’, that could potentially give you a sustainable income for life, when you put it into action.

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