Want to hear about a crazy ‘secret society’?

Back in the 1700s, Bavarian Roman Catholics founded a secret society called the “Order of the Pugs” (that’s right — pugs as in the dog breed).

The pug was chosen as the group’s symbol due to pugs’ trustworthiness, loyalty, and steadiness.

And members referred to themselves as “mops,” the German word for pugs.
Where things get really interesting, though, is how new members were initiated into the group…

Anyone who wanted to join the order had to don a dog collar and scratch at the door — like a dog — to get inside.

Newcomers were then blindfolded and led around a carpeted area nine times while the standing members barked at them to throw them off guard.

And as if that weren’t strange enough, newcomers also had to kiss the backside of a porcelain pug statue as a way of expressing their devotion to the order.

The Order of the Pugs was banned by Gottingam University after just ten years.

But some sources say the order was actually active up until 1902.

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