Toni’s LHS Journey: Learning, Persevering, and Aiming for Multiple Income Streams in Retirement

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hello low hanging family! My name is Toni Agrum and I joined this group I believe the beginning of November um it has been a learning experience.

I have attended most of the trainings I have opened my Etsy store and I’ve opened my Amazon store and I’m close to 200 listings. I haven’t made it for sale yet but I am persevering um I have taken Kimberly’s baby blanket training and I am trying to learn how to do the uh low content notebooks.

I joined because I am retired and I needed to make some extra income. I know that it is a process and all good things take time and I am dedicated and I have been watching Adam’s trainings and some of the other coaches trainings and I am going to do this come heck or high water um it has been interesting it has been informative. I have learned so much since I started uh my my titles have increased uh my shop I’m using different training techniques on making my titles better and I’m getting there slow but sure so every day is a new learning experience and it all started with watching one of Rachel’s videos about how she had five thousand uh streaming incomes and one day I’ll be there too so that’s where I am and I’m not done not by a long shot and every day gets a little easier so um that’s it for me. Thank you, guys. Bye.


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