Tracking My Progress: How I’m Using Low Hanging System to Pay Off Debt, Travel More, and Build a Bright Future

by | Mar 16, 2023

Hello, this is Brad and I recently joined the Lung Hang system in the late November-early December timeframe. It took me a while to get everything set up, as I had a little trouble with my gear bubble and things like that. I’m just now getting all my accounts set up.

I joined Lung Hang because I saw it as an opportunity to make some extra money. One of my hobbies is to be able to look at sayings and track sayings, and I thought this would be a way I could take that and use it to make money. I’m really excited about it and what I hope to do with it.

I hope to be able to pay off my debt, have some travel money to be able to go visit family and friends, and be able to enjoy the opportunities that this gives me without having to be tied to a day-to-day job of Monday through Friday, 10 or 14 hours a day.

I’m excited to be able to build a business of my own, build a future for myself, and to get started. I’ll be taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible that the Lung Hang system offers. This video is one of them, and I plan to track my progress for a month.

I’m just excited about who I am and where I’m going to be. I’m glad to be with you guys. Thank you very much.


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