Web Designer and Video Producer Find Success in Low Hanging System – Sold Over 160 Products on Amazon and 108 on Etsy!

by | Apr 4, 2023

Hi, I’m Sharla. I started LHS back in June with my husband, and we were looking for something that could create a residual income for us and LHS just just we were drawn to it and it really has been exactly what we needed. We both are not unfamiliar to the online space.

I’m a web designer. He’s a video producer. So we’ve been around doing social media type things and designing and that kind of thing. But LHS was selling product and we had never sold any product before besides services online. So there was a whole lot to learn and LHS just really provides such a great training, so much value in this program. It just keeps giving and giving and giving.

The Facebook group is amazing. Such a great resource. I utilize it all the time. People are kind of probably tired of me asking questions in there, but we’ve been really pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish in this amount of time. 

Again, we started in June, our first sale was around August 4th and then from there, it just started trickling in slowly, just started increasing and increasing. And at that time, I mean I was listing at least five to ten products a day. And then around November time, it really picked up and we really started seeing upwards of even like 20 products a day being sold, which was incredible. We had sent in two FBA cases, those were completely sold out mid November and as of right now, we have sold around 108 products on Etsy, about last I checked 150-160 products on Amazon. And we’ve taken a break here around Christmas time but we’re getting ready to really dig in again and start listening again. And we really want to triple and quadruple our inventory for next year, next Q four. We really want to be prepared, we want to be prepared with FBA inventory already in there doing a lot of research on which ones to send in. 

So we’re just completely thrilled and excited and are so blessed and just happy that this opportunity came along. It really is something that will pay back if you put in the effort and the time and it really has proven itself to us. And we know now it’s just a numbers game If we put in the work, we’re going to get the return. So we’re just really excited about next year. Thank you to everyone who is a part of LHS. All of the leadership there is wonderful, all of the information is wonderful. Such great great community to be a part of, so encouraging. So thank you so much.


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