From Crafting To Print-On-Demand Freedom: Amy’s Journey to 6-Figure Earnings

by | Feb 22, 2022

Hi, I’m Amy, and I am a coach for the Launch 100 Program. The Launch 100 Program is a great way for people to start their own business and sell print-on-demand products online. And it’s great for a second income or a full-time income, and it’s the business that I have.

This business has changed my life in many ways. I now work for myself. I don’t work for anybody else. I work when I want. I make my own schedule. I build a business where it grows every year. My income grows, so I now have financial security.

Launch 100 is a great business for people who are maybe growing stagnant in their job and they want to start their own business and they want to grow something themselves. Maybe they want to grow a business with their family.

What makes Launch 100 so special is you get a lot of support. You get a lot of inspiration. There are coaches. There are videos to watch. There are morning inspirational talks. There’s just a lot of different ways to learn the tools to make you successful in your business. Join us for Launch 100. It will change your life.


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