Denise’s Journey: How Rachel’s Launch100 Took Her From Struggling Sales to E-Commerce Success

by | Feb 22, 2022

Hi, my name’s Denise Jensen. I am from St. George, Utah. And I’m just here to talk about the Launch 100 program. I have been really, really happy with the Launch 100, because it just kind of takes you to a whole new level. You’re having personalized coaching, there’s group calls all the time. You’re getting taught quite a bit more than the original group. It really has helped me advance quicker than I would have if I wasn’t in the Launch 100. So before I wasn’t doing very many sells, and since I’ve been in the Launch 100, I’ve started selling. I’ve learned so much more faster than I would have without the Launch 100 group. All the coaches are amazing and the program’s great.

The Launch 100 group is for anyone who is interested in advancing their store faster. It’s for anyone that’s in the low hanging system. If they need more help, if they want their sales to increase, it’s for anyone right now, because it’s fourth quarter and Christmas is coming. And so I would suggest anyone that wants to do some really great sales fourth quarter for Christmas, and then even coming after that, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day to get in the Launch 100 program, because it has really helped me a lot. I would like to invite all of the people out there that are in Rachel’s low hanging system that feel like they need more help, or feel like they’re at a point where they can’t seem to progress any farther. The Launch 100 group is for you.


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