When a young girl in the Philippines decided to order some takeout for dinner, she never expected this.

There was a glitch in the food app.

And 42 riders turned up at her door with the exact same order.


But what I find interesting is that the pandemic and lockdowns have had the same effect on food delivery services as eCommerce…

  • Both industries are booming
  • Both industries have more customers than ever before
  • Both industries allow ordinary people to make extra income in their spare time.

But, personally would much rather sell on eCommerce than deliver food for Under Eats…

That’s because I am all about exchanging products for income – instead of my time for income.

I want a lifestyle business!

Think about it:

Would you prefer to be able to potentially make money while you sit at the  beach…or have to exchange your time and energy for each dollar you earn?

That’s why for many smart folks their #1 goal for  to set up a ‘product based income stream by Christmas…

And, here’s possibly the fastest, cheapest, easiest way I know to do that.

Let me show you how to get started at my brand new Workshop today.


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