Zeeshan and Huma’s LHS Experience: New to Print on Demand, Outstanding After-Sales Support, and Building a Long-Term Business with the Help of a Supportive Community

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi, my name is Zeeshan Rosa and me and my wife, Huma Heather, we signed up for Rachel Rofe’s program low Hanging System about two months ago and this is brand new to us.

We have never done print on demand and the thing that we really like about her program is the after sales support.We have been going through so many things because this is brand new to us and every step of the way there’s a Facebook group which support a lot. There is an email address, we keep asking them questions and every step of the way they have been helping us.So far we have been able to upload our designs and our store is now working so that’s a great success. But the credit goes to their team. S

o I would highly recommend if you are in this for a long run and not just looking to make quick money, really want to set up a business, you should definitely sign up for this program. Even if you’re brand new. All you have to do is sign up for the program and then make sure that you are active in the Facebook group. Do not complain, just ask questions and you will keep going ahead.

This is just like any other business, it takes a while to take off as I said. So don’t think about you’re going to make a million the first day but it definitely takes all the they take all the effort to help you as much as possible and they are there to support you and guide you and I would highly recommend their program.Thank you.


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