Discovering Life’s Path: Kath’s LHS Adventure in Toronto, Celebrating 39 Sales and Embracing the Supportive Community

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi everyone! My name’s Kath and I’m an Australian living in Toronto I joined LHS back in February. Um this year and I took a couple of months for me to sort of get going with it. Um probably was doing it seriously from about mid-April. Um it’s taken a while but I’m now at 39 sales and about half of them have been in the last couple of weeks so it’s been really exciting to see some progress. Um yeah so I feel like I’m making it my way now on my way to make millions of course so I joined um I joined LHS really because I was sort of trying to work out what I’m doing with my life. I’m in between jobs and um I really found the flexibility of it appealing and um and a fun it’s just fun um so yeah I’ll keep at it. Um what I love about the LHS program is really this Facebook group I find the support fantastic so when I have a question um you know it gets answered really quickly which I really appreciate and I also love you know seeing everyone’s successes and also you know that gives me hope but then also you know sharing challenges um you know you sort of feel like you’re not alone so um it’s that nice mix anyway um yeah thank you bye.


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