Embracing Independence: Laila’s LHS Experience in Belgium, Pursuing Freedom and Building Her Own Business with Optimism for 2023

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi everyone! My name is Laila.

I am currently living in Belgium uh we’re loving it here. Um there’s opportunity for travel I’m in the military and so it’s been great so far so why did I join low hanging system to be independent do whatever I want.

I hate to be uh constricted so hopefully uh with everything working out so well I could potentially achieve that. That’s my goal and so far it’s been about a month and a week. 

So I uh joined LHS October 31st so so far what I have accomplished I’ve signed up for Etsy and Amazon I’ve been successful and degrading and everything with Amazon I have about 30 actor listings so far and I’m creating more designs and that is the part that I’m really enjoying at the moment uh and one of the reasons why I uh joined LHS is because of the fact that I want to be independent. No restrictions, just getting up and doing whatever you like. Whenever you like so hopefully that will be I mean LHS or being successful in this business will uh allow me to do that and um also I initially signed it for Etsy not been successful so far um but I’m still working at it and I’m not going to lose hope because I’m very hopeful and

Just looking forward to the holidays and making some more sales. I have yet to make one one sale but you know what it’s only been a month and a week so be hopeful and I’m excited for this and thank you Rachel for allowing me to have the opportunity to own my own business uh and so let’s see where it takes us 2023 here we come.


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