Koby’s LHS Journey: Finding Fun and Creativity, Aiming for Retirement and Debt-Free Life

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi everybody!

I’m Koby and I just joined LHS. Um about two and a half weeks ago and I am working really hard on getting my Etsy store up and running. It is live but I’m working hard on getting as many items as I can built in gear mobile and I’m using Canva and I’m using Pick Explosion and I’m having a blast. Other than just sharing my new Etsy store with one friend.

I haven’t sold anything yet but I’m just keeping my eyes open and looking for things to make great items and gifts and just my brain is always running and keeping track and I’m taking notes and working in between my regular job and whenever I possibly can. So super happy to be here. Excited to see what’s coming and I really feel like LHS is my opportunity to finally in my late 50s meet my goal of being retired from the corporate world by 60 and get out of debt. And here we go excited to see what happens. Bye everyone, thank you.


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