Nata’s LHS Journey: Balancing a Busy Life in Australia, Seeking Work-from-Home Opportunities, and Embracing Creativity

by | Mar 17, 2023

Morning everybody, Morning team! 

My name is Nata.I’m from Australia. It’s um I just woke up and saw the message and um hey. Anyway, I joined two months ago and the reason why I joined because I’m actually looking for something you know to substitute my nine to five job well more like a 63 for me. I’m a registered nurse and I wasn’t crazy I was at work. I feel like kids don’t see me, I don’t see the kids so I want something that you know I can do from home and I saw Rachel. I keep seeing her on Facebook. Finally, I think after one year see see her talking a lot on Facebook and sharing what she’s doing I’m like you know what, I gotta check it out and I really like the idea that she’s doing and I really like the whole designing and putting things on different um products and I really love creating things so I think this works well for me as well and it’s just nice knowing that hey I created something so original and put it on a t-shirt put it on the mic.

I haven’t got any sale so far but I’m almost 100 list up there even working through two jobs six kids Crazy Life in Australia but still loving it still going. 

Thank you, Rachel, for this. Thank you.


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