Rick’s First Steps with LHS: Embracing the Support System and Looking Forward to Travel and Financial Security in Retirement

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi! I’m Rick. 

Very new to this basically I’m still within my first week. I’m just learning the difference between all of the different systems and how they all integrate with one another but I do notice a super support team and I’m really excited about the Facebook posts that I’ve seen thus far I encourage everybody to get into Facebook and get into the support staff.

I’ve been on one weekly webinar call already and while they were probably 10 or 12 feet above my head it would certainly give me some ideas and and ways to process things so I encourage everybody just to stick with it Rachel’s put together a great support staff and I think with that I’m I’m confident that I will I will succeed I’m newly retired just wanted something else to do with my mind and make a little bit of money so that we can travel to some big places and still stay within a social security budget and 401K stuff so basically you know it’s I’m like everybody else just trying to to trying to figure all this out and I encourage you just to stick with their staff and stick with the training. It is certainly uh well worth the time and certainly they put a lot of effort into it so enjoy it and I hope to see you soon when I’ve made my first sale.


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