Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Barbara Goodwin

by | May 4, 2022

Hi, I’m Barbara. And I’m saying hello to you from Sydney, Australia. I wasn’t particularly looking to start an online business, but I think I saw Rachel either on YouTube or Facebook and she captured my attention and I thought, well, I’ll give this a try. I’m a 70 year old nurse I’m looking to heading towards retirement.

And I’m very interested in being able to generate an extra bit of income to help the pension when I’m eventually on it. I have really found the Low Hanging System excellent. I loved initially the… well, it was a bit scary at first having the accountability calls. I wasn’t used to having to relate to somebody in that way to see how it was going.

And then Karen’s motivational talks were really good. But I appreciate the training, the coaching. There’s just so much. You can spend all your life watching the coaching videos, but they are very helpful that when I got my first sale, I really freaked out. I thought, “What do I do next?” And it’s so great to be able to go onto the Facebook page and get such a quick response from people when you’ve got a query.

I started in about March this year. And it took me a few months to get any sales, but I’d probably had about 35 sales on Etsy and almost the same with my FBA mugs on Amazon. So it’s exciting to just see those sales starting to come in. I think my next goal with Low Hanging System is actually to start whittling down some of my products. I have about 1700 at the moment.

And with the training and the insight that you get from other people, I know that I could probably get rid of some of my products and just refine what I have as well as creating new designs. One aspect I’ve really enjoyed about the Low Hanging System is learning new technologies. I’m a nurse, but I actually quite like IT, technology and I’ve enjoyed learning how to use word Swag and Canva and Picsplotion and E-rank and Marmalade, all those different applications that are so helpful in this business. I’ve enjoyed that sort of training that we are exposed to and the tools that we can use. And I’m looking forward to now getting ready for Valentine’s day.

Now that Christmas is over. And learning just how to refine my products and improve my output. And I’ve wish all of you all the best in your business endeavors. As I look to improve my business too. Thank you.


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