Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Eddie Mcnamee

by | May 4, 2022

Hi, everyone. My name’s Eddie. I’ve been with the Low Hanging  System since last July. My previous experience that I, that I’ve had before the low hanging system selling online with mainly just E-bay and a few things here and there. I’m not seeing real success. I made a few, a little bit of money, but of course nothing to really brag about other than, you know, just kinda nailing it down here and there.

Now that I’ve been with the Low Hanging System, I didn’t really get a whole lot of sales starting out. Now that we’re in the fourth quarter with the help from others here on the system and really learning how to do my tags and other aspects of my listing to get the attention of the customer.

I’ve had probably around 12 sales. I’ve been selling a lot of hoodies and t-shirts. I’ve also sold a few canvases of my artwork and I’ve sold a few mugs. It was quite surprising that some of the things I sold were stuff that I actually created back in July, and just now selling.

So you never really know what exactly the customer wants at all, but the support group here is great. You can ask pretty much any question [inaudible]. It’s a real friendly group. I do like that. And I, and I’m still very hopeful and learning something new everyday, what we can do to make a sale.

But anyway, that’s kinda my story and well, I’d be here and hope you’re enjoying it also.


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