Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Eva Rale

by | May 4, 2022

Hi, my name is Eva Rale and I joined LHS just probably a month ago and I’m very new in this and there’s a lot to learn. Previously I was, and I’m still sometimes doing online sales on eBay, but I’m not selling anything that’s new. Usually, I sell used vintage item outfits, not so much mugs. Well, anything, basically anything.

And comparing what I learn now, with the Low Hanging System. It’s I love that… previously I have to pack, I have to look for inventory anywhere. I was looking everywhere. Car boot sales, charity shops from people, pallets and all. Like, you name it, I was doing all of it and it was taking a lot of time.

You have to have inventory. You have to have space where to keep the items. You have to package and it takes a lot of time. And I really love with Low Hanging System, you don’t need to do any of that. It’s quite a learning curve to set up, but as soon as it gets like, everything gonna be set up, it’s gonna be like way easier. And I also had experience with customer service and I really love that. All of it, like e-commerce also. My background is in mass media. I also am brand photographer. And so, the difference is that when you work with clients and helping them to create custom images, custom social media systems, all of it. With Low Hanging System, you don’t need to create your images.

It’s gonna be done for you, but also it’s not… You are not seeing what’s happening. You know, what kind of quality is sent out or something like that. The post office, you don’t know that. But I’m going through the training and I see that when you get it, it takes time to understand how [inaudible]. So you kind of know how long it takes to send. I ship the item and so on, because I’m selling in USA, it’s a bit different. So I need to learn how everything works and how long it takes. Soon as I get it, so it’ll be not that hard. Also. I love design. I love to create because I’m very visual and that’s why I’m photographer.

And I love quality. So I love also creating those designs. And that was the first thing why I… when I got an ad about Low Hanging System, I was like,, “Yes, I can create the designs.” I could create anything. I mean, I’m not professional designer or like anything that’s connected to that designs, but I have in me, like, I, I have a creative side of me and I love it. So see how it goes. I’m just starting. I just opened my accounts and yeah, so really, really exciting and really promising. And so now I have to put all the work and let’s see how it goes. But very great reviews from other people from the community.

So very helpful community. That’s another thing that I love about the community is really, really friendly, really helpful. People fighting which one is going to be first to help, but also to be involved as well, a little bit. So I could help others who are just starting, especially from UK. So yeah, that’s me, Eva Rale.

And thank you so much for creating such an amazing program.


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