Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Gina

by | Mar 1, 2023

Hi, I’m Gina, and I’m from San Francisco, California. I’m here with Rachel Rofe for our Launch 100 event in Las Vegas.

For me personally, I love when I can have coaching, mentorship, personal accountability. I just feel like it helps me grow my business so much faster, and it’s been super effective in helping me meet my goals. I loved getting to meet and know everyone. Everybody who’s in this program is just comes from different backgrounds, really interesting people, but also meeting Rachel has been awesome because she’s such an open-hearted person. And even though she’s super successful in business, you feel like she also has that best friend quality to her. So it was really nice to meet her.

I can’t imagine honestly, having success in e-commerce without it. I just think I would be lost and overwhelmed, and this has given me a totally streamlined way to start seeing some early success and also just cut the learning curve in what I’m doing. So it’s been amazing.

I think Launch 100 is for you if you are really serious about your success and really serious about doing business, because it’s something that you do have to commit your time and your energy to, but because you are so guided and so supported, you will be successful. And so as long as you’re committed, I think it’s a no-brainer. I would definitely recommend it. If you would love to have an e-commerce business and you want to have fun doing it, do it.


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