Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Harriet

by | Mar 1, 2023

Hello, my name is Harriet. I am here at the Launch 100 wonderful conference with Rachel Rofe, and it’s a true honor to be here. So my favorite part is, I guess, twofold, really. One, meeting Rachel. It was just fantastic. She’s so humble, but getting to meet so many other people in the same boat as me and learning from them and meeting the coaches. I guess that’s more than one, but everyone’s been fantastic.

So I just wanted to learn more about the philosophy of selling online and learning from the best. I’ve done a lot of research and there’s many, many companies out there, and I really felt like LHS and Launch 100 was that platform that could really help me get there. So far, so good. The amount of information over the last two days is colossal. It’s just been incredible, and the support, and I feel like I’ve taken on a new chapter to be able to move forward, and I’m very excited.

I think it’s for people that want to have that financial freedom and that ability to be able to do what they love, be creative, travel, and really challenge yourself. I think the first thing that strikes me is that she’s just very humble. She’s very calm. She articulates herself, and she likes to share and give, and that’s just an amazing quality that just makes everyone else want to be a better person too. And she’s so knowledgeable. She’s so intelligent. She’s tried and tested things. It’s almost like she’s a little bit fearless, so it’s definitely something you’re drawn towards.

To me, Rachel Rofe is an angel who glides through life just trying new things. She’s fearless, a wonderful human being, a wonderful, humble human being, and just great energy to be around that you can just tell she enjoys guiding and teaching others and allowing us to learn from her.

I would recommend Launch 100. It is a platform that really allows you to understand the dynamics of how to be more successful on the internet platform of selling in so many different ways, so many different products, and gives you the tools to really start moving forward, and teaches you how to take those step-by-step disciplines, computer programs, whatever it might be, to be successful.


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