Success story from a Low Hanging System Student – Tracy

by | Mar 1, 2023

Hi, my name is Tracy. I’m here with Rachel Rofé’s Launch 100, here in Vegas.

I think my favorite part of the event was the workshops where we got hands-on help with the things we were struggling with, and just having the mentors, teachers here with us and being able to meet people. I’m a social person, so being here in person was amazing.

I joined Launch 100 because I felt that I needed a little extra help and I am more of a one-on-one learner, and that was the main draw for me. Launch 100 is for anybody that wants to jumpstart their experience with e-commerce print-on-demand, and I feel that it’s for people who understand the worth of the program to start with initially, but just want to have that extra kick in the pants.

Rachel Rofé’s picture on Facebook is what first led me to the program and meeting her in person just had it all come together. She’s a real person. She’s humble and has great energy, and I couldn’t say anything more wonderful about her. She’s the real deal.

I would recommend Launch 100 because it does give you that experience of hand-holding. The struggle with certain aspects of the business can be a little challenging, and just to be able to talk to a mentor or the trainer one-on-one made the difference for me.


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