Success Story: From Setting Up an Etsy Store to Planning for 100,000 Listings with Low Hanging System

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hey! My name is Lily and I joined LHS a couple weeks before Christmas when I set my tree up Happy New Year. So I’ve been in here a few weeks and I’ve gone through a lot of the training videos. 

I have my Etsy seller profile up, the shop is running with four listings right now that I’ve got up over the last few days. I’ve done a ton of research using the tools that Rachel and her team have built and provided for us, and it’s been really cool to see what the opportunities are in different key phrases and keywords, so that’s exciting.

The master list has been amazing and I guess why I joined LHS is I spent the last 10 years in coaching entrepreneurship, Women’s Health and I’m a mom of a seven-year-old and I just needed something more light-hearted, I needed something more playful and something that could be more hands-off where I can kind of set it and forget it. 

So I’ve been really loving LHS so far, Rachel’s amazing, her team is really great and responds real quickly and I’m really looking forward to getting 100 200 thousands of listings up so I can really start competing in the marketplace. So Rachel provides all the tools and training to do that and I highly recommend it. Thanks so much.


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