Suzanne’s LHS Experience: Aiming for Remote Work and Financial Security in Preparation for a Move to the Dominican Republic

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi! My name is Suzanne and I joined LHS about three weeks ago and I decided to do this because it’s something that I can do remotely and we are planning on moving to the Dominican part time and it’s something that I can do from there it will allow us to live a little more comfortably and not depend on Social Security which may or may not be around and uh hopefully it will give me the opportunity to tell my husband hey you can retire and you don’t have to work so um I’ve been I’m not finished with the training yet I hopefully will be done soon and so far it seems fairly simple and um not terribly challenging I have about 50 designs done and I’ve opened my Etsy store but I haven’t opened my Amazon store yet and I haven’t posted anything um because I’m not confident with the designs that I have I want to review them again and um I think it’s a great system. Thanks.


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