Unlock Your Creative Potential: Angela’s Journey to 10,000 Etsy Sales with LHS Passive Income System

by | Apr 5, 2023

Hi I’m Angela!

I joined LHS back in 2016 and the whole reason that I joined was because I wanted to create a form of passive income that would help support my other creative projects.

This of course definitely did that, and this last month I just hit my 10,000th sale on Etsy which is wild. I’m waiting for that for quite a while and it finally happened yay. Last year a friend and I decided to join forces and open a second Etsy shop and it’s doing well, and now I’m about to open up a third Etsy shop. So if the system didn’t work I would not be doing all this.

It definitely definitely works, the course is extremely easy to follow, and Rachel’s team is phenomenal as far as support is concerned. Any questions that you have are answered like that, and yeah pretty much the sky is the limit as to how far you can scale this business. It’s an awesome model that has definitely changed my life, so I highly recommend it.


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