Were you a fan of the HBO epic series Game of Thrones?

If so, you’re not alone – millions of folks watched it avidly.

You may have also been fascinated also by the languages of the show.

Including that famous line…

Valar morghulis! (All men must die!)

Believe it or not, so many people want to learn some of these unique languages that the Duolingo language app has created a course for them!

In fact, if you log on to Duolingo, you’ll find an option to take a course in High Valyrian.

This is the language that the nobility of Westeros and Essos use to communicate with one another, though it’s rarely used in the show.

So, what can we learn from this little story?


When demand exists, be the person who provides the supply.

Now, I just love to create products for ‘red-hot-niches’ of fans!

For example, there are literally millions of folks passionate about knitting.

So, this simple mug has been a nice little money-maker for me.


And, really in basic times this is how simple my business is.

-Find hot niche search terms folks are looking for on sites like Etsy.
-Create simple mug designs that will appeal to those folks (there’s simple to use tools that make it really easy)
-Get paid for each sale – and ideally sell 100s or 1,000’s per month.
It really can be that easy, when you know how!

If you’d love to create mugs like this for fun and profit join me at my free workshop today and we’ll get you moving the right way.

How to start a ‘Stay-At-Home-Biz for Fun and Profit” New Virtual Workshop Today

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