Vanessa’s LHS Journey: Aiming for Financial Freedom, Etsy Success, and Hoping to Eventually Quit Her 9-5 Job

by | Mar 17, 2023

Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa and I’m from the UK and I joined NHS because I wanted another stream of income. I would love for this to replace my nine to five eventually and push me into Financial Freedom so that I can give myself and my son a better life. So far I have had now 65 sales in Etsy and two sales in Amazon one being an FBA cell. I’m so excited for all of those sales. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster and I started back in November of 2021 and found that I had made most sales.

I had 500 auditions in Amazon and nothing was really working until I focus a bit more on the Etsy side and my Etsy saw in September of this year and from then after starting in September, end of October, I finally got my first sale. So really excited, really hopeful for the future and hopefully the next time I post I’ll be letting you guys know that I’ve quit my nine to five and that I am now doing this full-time and absolutely loving it.

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year as well.


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