Can’t Wait to Get To Work: How Karen Went From Looking To Finding Her Dream Job Outside of A Conventional 9 to 5

by | Feb 22, 2022

My name is Karen Fields, I’m from Orlando, and I joined the Launch 100 group a few months ago and I thoroughly enjoy it. And I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my online presence. I enjoy how fun it is. The support is amazing, with the staff and everybody working with the Launch 100 program, and all the people that are involved also, all the other members. I was looking for something that I could do that I would be busy, I’d be doing things that I really enjoy creating, because I’m an artist and I enjoy researching. And everything just fit for me, being an artist and creating for other people things that they would enjoy buying. And it’ll give me a financial freedom and a flexible way of living.

Oh gosh, I think the community is wonderful. The people are helpful and extremely available, and they love to help us. It’s amazing. I mean, anytime you need help, you just reach out to whoever is there to help you with your answers to your questions. And yeah. It’s for the kind of person who wants to be their own boss. They want to control their life and get something started that they feel proud of, and they could be confident in doing something. It gives me a lot of confidence to have control of the things that I choose to create and to have the market take my items and allow people to purchase them. Absolutely, I’m very excited, I am not going to stop. I am doing this for the rest of my life. I feel like it’s just something that, every morning I get up, I just can’t wait to get to work.


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